Genesis Burson-Marsteller reveals the TR:OUTH 2013!

Top 13 TRENDS that could define INDIAN YOUTH in 2013

TR:OUTH 2013 is an informal study developed by the Genesis Burson-Marsteller’s Brand Marketing Practice as a way to identify important trends among one of the most important population segments, today’s Youth. We have noticed with interest the trends and behaviours among India’s youth. This study forecasts a range of those trends our youngsters will be following in 2013, ranging from fashion, media consumption habits, music, branding and more.

As consultants who directly communicate with India’s youth, we have insights that allow us to spot trends. These insights in turn help us bring our clients one step closer to understanding what young consumers are thinking, and how best they can leverage these insights into their campaigns.

Disclaimer: TR:OUTH 2013 is an interpretation of the young minds at Genesis Burson Marsteller and does not hint at any company/individual personally.

Trending with the Indian Youth in 2013

They are young! They are smart! They know it all and love to share it all!

The Indian youth today is breaking away from the shackles of stereotype that bound the youngsters of yesteryears. If they are breaking up online, they also aren’t shying away from taking the State head on. From launching campaigns, to standing up for the country to treading the road less travelled, the young today are unafraid and unabashed.

Genesis Burson-Marsteller has predicted 13 trends that we can witness in 2013 amongst the young and the restless.

1. Proud Desi: All things desi is the new adjective for cool! From Sanskrit verses to Yo!Yo!Honey Singh, Mughal architecture to regional language dialects, images and expressions are going the Indian way.

2. Pehle App: A world of Twitter and Flipboard that starts with a tweet and ends with a check-in! On an average there are around 30 million app downloads every week in India itself. They are free, cheap and there is one for everyone.

3. Visual-Eyes: Seeing is believing and once you believe, you tell the others! Goodbye long messages and comments. Hello pictures! Youth today like to see things- clear and concise and their world is driven by picture collages.

4. Fit-sters: 6 pack and size zero is out, fun fitness is in! The youth today have shifted their focus from being gym addicts to finding alternative ways to stay fit- dance, pilates, indoor rock climbing et al!

5. Swa-Raag: Churning out a new rhythm for me and by me! Music scene has changed drastically in India and youth today leans on therapeutic jamming sessions and making indigenous music on the spot. People from all walks of life come together to create a brand new tune every time to hum on.

6. Taboo to Trend: India’s youth comes out of the closet with the mantra “Live and let live”! What was considered a taboo in the past is being taken head on as the Indian youth ups the tolerance and broadens their perspective.

7. Outdated Today: It was on everyone’s mind 5 seconds back and is gone now! Expiry dates have shrunk and news becomes stale seconds after it’s flashed. Real time news flash on social media with limited number of words and more pictures are a hit amongst the youth.

8. 3D-ed: The added dimension in life! Youth today is looking for a new perspective in all aspects of life. Be it dining out, to catching the latest flick on screen, normal is just not acceptable.

9. Acti‘now’Vism: Standing up for ME and You! Youth today believes in living it up. While they party and chill out on one hand, on the other hand ‘Gen-Y’ also cares about ‘real’ things that matter and is ready to fight for it.

10. Passion Forward: Straying away and ahead of the crowd! The youth is ready to change the rules of the game every day. If it’s not fun, it’s not work. Age is no bar to change gears and head down the road less travelled. Following the heart and working towards it is the new mantra.

11. Brand Me: Do it all and be everywhere! Every individual intends to create a unique identity of themselves – both in the real and the virtual space. From unique profile pictures, to personalized status messages, to customized branded clothes, they walk around with a brand identity of their own.

12. Trip Along: With a one way ticket, is how they trip! There is an insatiable hunger to explore whether it’s a place or the realms of their own minds! The youth today is ready to go above and beyond the realms of imagination.

13. iSolated: Me vs. The World: My own choices, my personality! A mercenary approach with a difference! What’s in it for them, their friends and their country? They stand out, speak up for everything they believe in!

They get the nation turning and how. They talk and they are talked about. Look out for these trends to stay ahead and make the youth hop on to your brand wagon.

Watch us track it…

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